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Flawless Stunna

Flawless Stunna
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Rap, Hip Hop, Pop
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Flawless Stunna is a unique Raptress currently located in Atlanta, GA to pursue a successful music career. My debut video Urban Ballerina aired March 7th, 2014 via becoming one of Nick Cannons favorites. The critics will be raving when Im through. Flawless Stunna
Having so much to offer that hasnt been seen nor done yet sets me aside from being one of the many wannabes. Instead placing me in my own rank of up and coming. Having the natural ability to write my own pieces, obtaining the actual ideal look, being business savvy and having this ultra rare talent places the cherry on top of the industrys favorite all time treat.
Right now Im booking shows at local venues as well as out of state focusing on being heard and viewed by the people so they know exactly who Flawless Stunna is. Where I come from your taught to fight for what you want, stand up for what you know. So Ive been standing tall while fighting my way to the top of my envisions turning those same dreams into an actual reality. I plan on leaving my signature mark for the whole wide world to view and love from now and even after Im gone being remembered as a phenomenal artist who wouldnt take no for an answer.
Allowing children and teens with similar dreams that came from nothing like me to see that you can make something of yourself as long as you give it your very all by striving for success having determination, drive, ambition, imagination, and the gumption to keep pushing even when times get tough because St. Louis raised me to be strong and gave me the tough skin to be prepared for the blows the industry, critics, and world will throw. I am Flawless Stunna and Im ready to win.