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Rick Frost

Rick Frost
Guilford, CT, United States
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Alternative, Indie, Acoustic
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Frost Records
Rick Frost
Anyone that has ever played or sang a note; or clapped their hands.l
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* Huge apology to all members of The SpotLight Zone for my non-responsiveness and lack of reciprocity. I have been very ill and it has had a huge impact on my computer use. I will, however, try to catch up a bit here over the next couple months. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Wrote first song at age 2 - "Mother Should of Had An Abortion". It was banned world-wide and I've been causing trouble since!
Every song put up here has been recorded live. I plugged the Tak into the House System Chan.1 and Mic into Chan. 2. The Sound Eng at the other end of the venue was kind enough to run the two tracks to my 8TK Roland.I took it home and doubled the tks;plugged my Tak , Strat or on one occasion Synth into the Roland and added background leads. I mixed by headphone to the Stereo TKs (skipped the Mastering Phase) and bounced straight to disc and proceeded to convert to MP3.
I did it this way for two reasons: 1. I'm poor 2. This end result gives people the most accurate representation of what they can expect to hear if they see me perform live. I hope you enjoy it.