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The Flaming Dugongs

The Flaming Dugongs
Graz, Styria, Austria
Alternative, Electro, Folk


In the early days in the beginning of 2013 we were walking a long and dusty road. It was these days where your blood run cold and every shadow has a face. A dense fog lies over the green hillock land and you can't see your hand in front of your face. A long intense scream break along the silence and our feet couldn't walk anymore.
And all of a sudden.. it came. Slow but unstoppable. An unbelievable garish light covers our souls and a warm feeling crawling from up to the toes direct in our heart. And a big voice raise in our heads: I am the mighty dugong and you.. you are the chosen one who should spread the word over the land and sea.
Forget what you've known, forget who you were you are now The Flaming Dugongs. And as long as you live you had to do one thing: ROCK and make Love!! And then he was gone. And all what remains was an incredible warm light in all of us.
Yeah that's it To make a long story short: from this time on we were addicted to the great Dugong, his philosophy and his ever flowing energy. We are on a mission: to set you on fire and bring the spirit of the great dugong through the world!
Join us, the great Dugong Family welcomes everyone!