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Black Anemone

Black Anemone
Jönköping, Sverige
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Folk Rock, Folk, Punk


Black Anemone was founded on 25th March 2010 when five individuals named Matte, Adam, Anden, Dark Lord and Festa went into a rehearsal studio to create music without any knowledge of what they were doing.
Quickly, they concluded that they would be among folk music with other genres such as rock, punk, etc. The band quickly felt that they needed something extra, something that was icing on the cake. That was when Sandra AKA Litn came into the picture. After six months of intense scratching so the band decided to break into the Jönköping local scene. With its intense music and adrenaline kicking live performance so the band quickly built up a loyal band of followers. In summer 2012 the band decided and Festa following different paths, the band recruited when Marcus "rose" Rosberg on guitar. In the spring of 2013 the band recruited another member, Martin Hjärtkvist on banjo to add another spice to this hot mix. With a new member at their side the band started working tirelessly on a new album. So in the winter of 2013 the band realeased their full length album called "King Of kings" Black Anemone is a band that always continues to push the boundaries, to bring chaos, fighting for world domination and at the end of the day not letting any subject unsaid