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Lonely Harddisk Band

Lonely Harddisk Band
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Blues Rock, Blues, Rock
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SkullStudio ~ Lonely Harddisk Band
Freddie Bo Andersen aka Alien MegaSkull
Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Allman Brothers Band, Neil Young and many more..the list is long


Ohh, man... After 13 years, a new stupid phone company has raped and kill and delete my old page SkullStudio homepage...gone gone... and they was not mail or PHONE ME!
The good news is that all the files have spread to other music pages
but only in small 128mp3
Rock guitar on Sinister & Perverse N' Necrocy Overdose RAP from Kansas (Killa City Usa) There is 24 original Rap songs from Sinister & friends and with my guitar
On reverbnation you can also listen to me and Christine Bayens from Canada.
While I was in Canada visiting, we starting creating our first original songs for our little 2009 band ~ Nipple Nose ~.
Using our guitar's, mike's, amp, music program, duct tape and shoe laces and a lot of heart and soul.
We called our studio The Canuck Studio, it will be fondly remembered by both of us.
Now I experiment with my to girl friends, and they are not made of meat! and they have not learn to sing, but they talk :o) yes...hehe
Try listen to ~
Lady Google & English Lucy
visiting Alien MegaSkull in his "Pain Shop"
They walking in glass slippers, on solid rock.
Fall now and the light disappears and you're almost,
a grayish blurred painful shadow, from my nightmare.
Trail of Tears, make me so sad,
N' fish can only survive if the water come back.

The Google Lady are never alone...
Crew of young Lithium Medicated groupies and
older Synthetic Marshmallow widdows,
all motivated and down on there knees for there Lady Google.

The Lithium Medicated start a fight with a dude from the Pain Shop,
and English Lucy try to stop them.
But it was too late....and he run out of blood.
Now they try to dance a little,
underneath some big Latex Truckers...
Are Those Lithium girls never sleeping ?
Now I'm back in Denmark again, after 3 month in Virginia Usa.
Yesterday I buy a new chorus pedal (The Dreamscape) And I can hear this little pedal will give good inspiration and new guitar sounds...
I'm also on this page...

Have fun!
SkullStudio 2017