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Me & 4 Others

Me & 4 Others
Dawsonville, GA, USA
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Rick Farr, Danny Lee Pendley, Loyd Pendley, Tim Moore, Earl Buice
Rollin Stones, Johnny Rivers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, The Ventures, The Beatles


60s Rock group who played together from early 1967 through late 1969. Me & 4 Others 44th Reunion Concert has brought them together again in mid 2013. Original group: Loyd Pendley, Vocals, Earl Buice, Lead Guitar, Danny Lee Pendley, Vocals/Piano/Keyboard, Rick Farr, Vocals and Bass Guitar and the late Johnny Cochran, Drums.

The music played was popular Top Forty Rock and Soul Music with a little Country and Beach Music thrown in for seasoning. Each member had a very different taste in music. They were able to blend influences from Beatles, Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, Ventures and Jerry Lee Lewis into a pretty good sound for a local garage band.

Venues were mostly around North Georgia at various fraternities and sororities at University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. Many private parties, Sock Hops, Proms, etc. are also among the various types of places they played. In early 1969, Me & 4 Others went on to audition for several Atlanta Teen Dance Clubs as they were known in those days - The Comic Book Club and The Hullabaloo and others.

While auditioning for clubs, it became necessary for Me & 4 Others members to join the Musicians Union. They were under 21 and could only attend clubs with their union cards. This activity eventually brought them in contact with several well known band managers and booking agents of that day. This was fun to think about and plan but realities were Me & 4 Others band was about to break up. The Viet Nam War was raging and by the time plans could be made to being a tour of venues, the draft was closing in on certain members.

The parting was friendly and all the members remained friends and played together and with other jammers all these years. On day in mid-2013, one of the grandchildren mentioned to Rick Farr that he would like to have been able to hear his Poppys band back then. Rick got the idea to have Me & 4 Others reunion concert at the Cumming Playhouse. All he had to do was mention the idea to the other band members and . . . here they are.