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Gothenburg, Sweden
Postal code:
416 65
Soul, Funk, Rock
Emma Lindén, Torbjörn Lööv, Stig Lööv, Ellinor Johansson
Anything that makes a sound


Emma Lindén. I am an extrovert, but at the same time introvert singer. My belief is that the voice is the mirror of the soul, if we allow it to be. Ive been singing professionally since young age. For the last ten years I have been silent. I had lost the joy and soul of it. But now I am back stronger than ever, and I am loving every minute of it.

Torbjörn (tobbe) Lööv was born in Västerås and started to play the guitar at the age of 10. At the age of 12 he wrote his first song and by the age of 20 ha played guitar, bass, organ, saxophone, accordion and piano. Saxophone and accordion is instruments that hasn't been played for a long time. In most of the bands he have been playing he have been the composer and musical engine. He says, " I am actually more of a composer than a musician. Anyone played their instrument for sometime can easily become better".

Stig (stickan) Lööv is the younger brother of Tobbe, but they started playing at about the same time. While Tobbe is more of the composer, Stickan is more of the musician. Something jelously noted by Tobbe in the early years. Stickan plays the drums and have been playing in many groups and constellations where his talent always have been recognized, as he is "a hell of a drummer".