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Rebecca Harrold

Rebecca Harrold
Denver, Colorado, USA
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Peter Gabriel, Chopin, Tori Amos


From: CO, United States
Genre: Jazz, Piano, instrumental
Classically trained pianist weaving jazz and pop sensibility into every beautifully crafted song.
"This is a brilliant recording in every way and Im deeply proud to have been a part of it." Will Ackerman, Producer
recalls the glory days of Windham Hill without sounding the least bit dated or cliché. This classical trained pianist has delivered a gorgeously lovely instrumental record that keeps resonating with you long after the last byte has been bit. Midwest Record
"Harrold maintains high musical integrity, sheer talent, and detailed expression. There is true emotion in each note Harrold hits and she creates the kind of sublime moments of truth that only a musician who has an ear for life and an ear for music at once can doa splendid gift of music."Bill Copeland