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Bjornar Bakken

Bjornar Bakken
dublin, n/a, ireland
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Rock, Folk Rock, Blues
Bjornar Bakken
Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Steve Earl


My name is Bjornar Bakken, originally from Norway, but I have been living and working in Ireland for the last 15 years. I used to play in several bands in Norway, and "Oljesøl" released two albums and a demo. Our two music videos were featured on NRK (national broadcasting in Norway) Since moving to Ireland I was part of a band called "Burbidge Chain" and we released an EP. I am no longer playing in any bands, but I have continued to write music, and I am recording in my kitchen/livingroom when the kids are off to school, or on the rare occations I have some free time. "I am not a singer" but you are able to hear the melody and the idea behind the songs i record. It's all done on an old home computer, so don't expect fully "mastered" and great sounding songs, as I will leave that to whoever may want to record my songs. This is my "only" ambition at the moment, and I would be delighted if someone found the songs I write to be worthwhile recording. I am not demanding that "all parts are kept" but that I get credit for what is. I hope you may enjoy some of it.. Thanks Bjornar