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Walter Billingsley

Walter Billingsley
Lakeland, Fl, USA
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Acoustic, Classical, Ambient


Since I could reach the keys I was fascinated with the piano. Realizing that music would always hold my interest, I studied Piano, Voice and Opera Theater under true masters of my art of study and have had an opportunistic life & career since those days. Opportunities that include entertaining former Pres. Bill Clinton and wife Hillary in the Ark in the Governor's mansion, while studying at the Univ. of Arkansas @ Little Rock.
For 22 years I was a fine-dining dinner pianist, known for taking request; armed with my four fake books to find and play songs that had special meanings to dining patrons. I Made thousands of people happy, bringing back good memories through music. Those 22 years afforded me opportunities to numerous star/celebrities, including Marcel Marceau, Dixie Carter, Ann Margaret, Michael Crawford and others.
For twenty years I was a piano/voice instructor, working with children and adults with disabilities and/or handicaps. I had the distinct honor to teach, for six years, a six yr. old blind prodigy of music who comprehended college-level music theory within four months of study. Matthew wrote his first Composition titled "Lullaby, by Matthew ----,
at age 9
In 2003 I Co-founded Arts In Healthcare, Polk Inc, a non-profit with a mission to take the Arts into hospitals to provide the therapy of all genres of the Arts to patients, families and caregivers. In 2004 I suffered a severe reaction to a prescribed heroin-based pain killer. 20m turned 200m/day resulted in a heroin overdose in the form of a pain medication. It changed all aspects of my life. Loss of memory was critical. Thousands of songs in my memorized repertoire were 'erased' and I had no recall of the fifty years of training at the piano. All the time, I knew I would someway-somehow get back where I belong to playing again.
Thanks to Medicine ,Prayer and the Arts I am on a journey of recovery. I now travel throughout Florida entertaining with themed piano Concerts in Retirement Communities and Memory Care Residences; providing the therapy of music through song to those who need it most.
I wrote my first Nature-Inspired Composition for Piano at age fifteen and am preparing to release a collection of my unique works for piano titled 'Pieces of Nature' this year.
I would be honored if you found time to visit my website to read my story of survival/recovery, listen to some of my compositions and to sign my guest book as a new friend/fan.

Find Love, Hope and Courage..
all else will find it's place

Best / Musically Yours, Walter