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G Luk

G Luk
louisville, KY - Kentucky, United States
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Hip Hop, Rap, Hip Hop
Grew up on a lot of rock and metal. Banks like The Offspring, Korn, Pantera, Coal Chamber, Tool, Lamb of God, Chimaira, etc. Sometime throughout middle school, I began listening to Hip Hop. Eminem was the most immediate influence for hip hop, though over


Chris from Louisville, Ky. A Local artist, a father to be, a husband to be. Business will always come first, as without said business, family will not eat.

Growing up as a problem child in Louisville, Kentucky, Chris put all effort into making himself remembered in some way, shape, or form. By some, he is known as a great friend. By others, he is known as a talented musician that can mold instrumentals in his mind. By others, he's known for taking no dirt from anyone, and for throwing adversity back into the face of anyone who doubts him.