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Michele Baron

Michele Baron
Bishkek Kyrgyzstan, via Virginia, USA
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Theatrical, Jazz, Other
musicians, poets, life
live musical performances, vocal, instrumental, performance art


I have sung on elevated stages in rice fields, harvest fields and on beaches, and on ladders, catwalks and suspended ropes above stages; I have sung in the Sahel and on the Sahara; in the shadow of the Great Wall, at the Moving Wall, and at Memorial Walls; on theatrical, operatic and concert stages, and on street corners; in coffee houses and restaurants, hospitals, hospices, homes and schools; in airplanes, buses, trains, and instead of taxi fares; in cathedrals and ancient castles, wine cellars, malls and rallies; hillsides and mountain-tops (sometimes in harmony with echoes and birdsong); on ball fields and alongside dance floors; with orchestras, bands, pianists, traditional/heritage instrumentalists, drummed and sung with taiko drum troupes, african drum groups, and first-nations drumming circles and with other groups, in locations lesser-known or of more renown around the world we share.
Michele Baron has sung in formal, outreach, and interactive performances around the globe, in many languages, genres, and octaves. Michele sings a wide range of music, including leading roles in operatic and musical theater, concert and sacred music, jazz and blues (in early days, she would run uptown from opera lessons mid-town to study and occasionally perform with Stan Free), standards from "the American Songbook" and "world music" song standards, original songs, and a wide range of holiday and theme-specific songs. Michele has sung live in performance on LOVE-FM in Japan, on Thai-TV Channel 5 (national broadcast), with national orchestras and royal orchestras, with jazz combos, big bands, with artists on indigenous and traditional instruments, with pianos, and with assorted digital accompaniments. An unsigned, independent artist, Michele is heard here recorded on small portable equipment, recorded live in performance in a variety of in-the-field venues.