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Fabio Santangelo

Fabio Santangelo
Vigevano, PV, Italy
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Instrumental, Rock, Blues
Fabio Santangelo (Keyboards/Keytar)


Fabio Santangelo was born in Foggia in 1979. He commenced to study piano at the age of 14 but after just three years he left to improve his keyboardist skills.
At the age of 16 he joined the Choir of Evangelical Church in Foggia as keyboardist and arranger. In the following years Fabio moves to different cities around Italy, starting several collaborations with some Christian music artists. Finally in 2005 he moves to Vigevano where he meets Antonio Santoro, a Christian singer songwriter formerly member of some CCM bands. Soon they begin a musical association that leads to the foundation of the Choir of Evangelical Church in Vigevano, in which, once more, Fabio is the main musician and arranger. This collaboration will lead to the foundation of the CCM duo called "Dual Sound" in 2012. The Dual Sound, after just one album and 2 public appearances, stop their works and Fabio gets back to experimentation by composing some instrumentals and also trying to write some lyrics. In 2014 the Dual Sound get back togheter and work for a new album. As soloist instead, Fabio is publishing his instrumentals.