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Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
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Hip Hop, Rap, R&B


Born in Calabar,grew up in Ogoja,Ugep,Assiga,Ibadan and Lagos.Started his music career at age thirteen.He's the xponent of the ghetto,a song writer,singer,rapper,comedian,film writer and actor, he's a complete entertainer and a computer engineer.He's highly intelligent, dedicated, resourcefull,dependable and very talented naturally.His ability to create something out of nothing clearly defines his creative mind. A proud Nigerian who believes in rebranding the image of Nigeria through his numerous activities especially music.He says "am not a bad guy and am not a good guy,am only realist who dont exist but lives,I stand for the truth though it has never set me free but gives me peace with my spirit and my conscience,am a voice to the voiceless,am justice to the masses,am the peace in every crisis,am an infant to my mother,a guardian to my siblings,a right hand to my father,a captain to my crew,am a subject to my teacher,i am Bible to the preacher,am medicine to a doctor,an engine to an engineer,am justice to a lawyer,to a muslim am a christian,to my country am a soldier,to a whiteman am a negro,to Emmanuel am a noisemaker,to Paulina am a hustler,to Daniela am a musician,to Queenet am not normal,to Blessin am a criminal,to the captives am the freedom,to the hostage am the ramsom,to the carpenter am the hammer,to a stranger am a helper and am just a pencil to my creator." He's dream is to be the greatest entertainer ever in the whole world call him...KINGSMEADOW.Ah Oh