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harlequins enigma

harlequins enigma
bergen, hordaland, norway
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Electronica, Pop, Instrumental
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harlequins enigma
åge riisnes
ultravox, king diamond, abba, kate bush, tori amos, bruce springsteen, rush, depeche mode, røyksopp, chemical brothers, paul oakenfold, britney spears, madonna, queen, many more....


harlequins enigma was founded in 2008 by owner åge riisnes.
he lives in bergen in norway by the coast. the seagulls are
his friends. his introduction to music came in 1991 on the
amiga platform where he started from scratch using samples
from cd`s & floppy diskettes to try & reach a high level in
music competing with names like boom jinx, atjazz, jesper kyd
& martin wall. in 1997 he resigned with a statement to have
reached an above intermediate state in music. 2006 till may
2008 was comeback years in the 8 bit business, untill harlequins
enigma was founded in may. using fl studio as base he shaped some
fine pieces & were at the bands heights in 2009. some coops, more
then a few took place via mental contact / spiritual contact with
many famous musicians. the material have been released & have
gathered some fans. his solo career restarted in spring 2013, & he
has released numerous singles & his best of åge vol.1 & 2 albums
so far. a senior doctors statement during a hospital visit in 2001
maybe, referred to åge as a medium.. åge has felt it in his soul
that there is more to life then meets the eye in later years.
pale justice - natural beauty has recently been released, a radio
tested album where the average score was set to a 6.0 out of 10.
something that was pretty close & he sees the album as a success.
his masters are not professional & feel they lack a little in
quality, but is financially notg up to the task of getting them
done for remastering any time soon. previously the money went for
crowd reviews of 160 tracks on to determine which
tracks were suitable for the album. visit for his