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John Laurence

John Laurence
Auckland, New Zealand
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Blues Rock, Blues, Folk Rock
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John Laurence Music (NZ) Ltd
John Laurence
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John is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, with a wide range of influences from Heavy Metal to Mahler, Folk to Baroque, with a healthy dose of Blues and Jazz. John admires singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Amos Lee, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. In 2011 he was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) which has affected him undetected since childhood. Although he has a PhD and has had two successful careers, he has begun to see life with a whole new perspective.

He has always been a musician at heart and is making up for lost time with a new career as a singer-songwriter. He has no idea where this will take him, but has been writing and performing songs that he likes to hear. His music expresses his passion for life with heartfelt vocals and memorable tunes. The guitar-based songs have lyrics that are sometimes whimsical, sometimes provocative and often idiosyncratic.

So whether you are a teenager disillusioned with commercial pop culture, a jaded baby-boomer, or just someone looking for new music, give his songs a listen. But be warned: with his acerbic wit, unique voice and story-teller blues-folk-rock style, no one is safe. Listen if you dare, John may be singing about you!