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Andy Jouan

Andy Jouan
London, London, United Kingdom
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SW11 1HE
Folk Rock, Pop, Rock


Andy Jouan is not just your average man from a small rock of 100,000 beer drinkers off the English channel, he put down his pint, took his guitar, travelled twice around the planet eventually landing in London making the decision that now is the time to unleash his lyrics and music on us all.

Having worked in Business Management it's a back ground of loving the beach, sea and surf (though for a bald ginger this can be an issue) you can definitely hear in Andy's music.

The influences of sunny days and bonfire lit evenings with friends and an open heart for discovering the next moment. It only takes about three seconds of being in his relaxed company, big smile, booming laugh and all embracing hug for life that you start to feel your right there enjoying the life too. Something of a miracle ability in the busy smoke of London.

Today Andy has embraced his creative side in music and art having released his first two major singles in 2014. Gypsy Girl and Cry. Take one listen and I guarantee you'll be humming those tunes all day long.

Andy dreams of one day travelling the globe more than twice playing his songs for us all to enjoy whilst writing and recording more and promoting his ideals of world peace and close to his own heart LGBT Equality. Somehow you know he might just shake a few cages along the way and get it done!!

His quick to point out the songs though. With various influences, his always about liking the song rather than a particular artist but if asked legends such as Eric Clapton, Paul Weller, The Eagles, Sam Cooke, Blur, Cold Play, the list is endless and growing by the day with great new artists also.

When it comes to his songs, what inspired? As with his influences it's different for each song, though life experience would be a good overall vision.

Gypsy Girl - Maybe the question every musician hates from the sweetest of friend, "Please write me a song for my birthday" But Andy says once I'd got the hook the song came quickly, after all the inspiration was right there in front of me. An amazing strong women who had survived lots in life and maintained the ability to love, forgive and keep a warm open heart about life, all I had to do was put that in song. It actually almost didn't happen, completed pretty much the night before but as my first "real" song I was really happy with peoples responses at the party and so it began, Oh maybe I can write songs.

Cry - I am convinced it is not just a thing artists do and from the response I'm getting from people, to the truth, humour and hope in this song it's amazing what can come out of the hangover from hell. What better to do than go within and pour out the despair and truth of "what the hell happened last night" with some laughs and then the feeling of recovery and seeing that there's a good soul in here somewhere, dust yourself down, onwards and upwards with all the good folk you have around you. Simple in it's format but it's that which gets across the rawness of the moment it was written.

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