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DJ Alimba

DJ Alimba
Volos, Magnisia, Greece
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Trance, Ambient
BBE, Moby, Veela, Faithless, Andy Hunter,Bassmagik , Junkie XL, Run DMC, Armin Van Buuren, Hans Zimmer, Enigma, Enya, Culture Beat, Captain Hollyhood, Dj Tiesto, Sash!, Depache Mode, Sciller, ATB, Delerium, Tina Cousins, Dj Sammy, Dj Quicksilver
Thank you very much, you left me speechless with your remix! Dj Andy Rodrigues - Dj Andy Rodrigues THANK YOU SPYRO GREAT WORK Anonymous - Anonymous Great work! Thanks for including me, Im honoured. The Next Commuter


DJ Alimba is a self-taught from day one music producer and a DJ. He writes Trance, Space Ambient and Ambient Trance music. He captures a style of Classic Trance with chaotic Pad Saw instruments and piano or Saw synthesisers as leads. His Space Ambient style has intense melodies and very deep Pads or choir Pads.
He was born in a small city of Greece, in Volos. He is always searching for ways to create and hear new forms of music. His love for music led him to become a DJ, and a music producer. At the age of 15 he started producing his own tracks from samples. At 18 he discovered FL Studio, and worked hard on perfecting his production. He then decided that he was ready to take it to the next level, and start working professionally.
His hard work paid off. In July, 2010 he self released his first album; "Dreams of the Past". It included 12 original tracks, a remix, and one bonus track. This album featured a blend of trance infused with rock tones, and some opera style vocals with pure trance melodies. It was obvious that he didnt define his style yet.
Also, in 2010, he met new friends; Veela, Seanvance and Lenar who have both helped in his music endeavours, and most important encourage him to keep up working on music.
On Dec. 18, 2010 DJ Alimba released his second album, "Beyond Milky Way" under Divaani Records. This included 2 original tracks, and 2 remixes.
On April 29, 2011 DJ Alimba released his third album, "New Expirience" under Purple Gate Records. This Album has five Original Trance tracks.
On Oct. 18, 2011 DJ Alimba and Reverb Nation Web Site released his forth album "The Universe". This Album has nine Original Space Ambient tracks and two Trance remixes.
He is currently participating in some remix contests, and looking to unleash his infectious beats unto the world!