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Tim Broome

Tim Broome
Stanley, N.C, U.S
Postal code:
Folk Rock, Rock, Acoustic


I am a singer /songwriter with over 70 songs written and recorded. I spent years playing local gigs in and around my hometown of Charlotte N.C. playing mostly cover tunes. A few members of my band moved on and we all eventually parted ways with a hand shake. I started a small construction business to make ends meet, but I never stopped thinking about the time I spent making music. So one day, I picked up a pen and a notebook and started writing. Within a few months, I had about 30 songs written and recorded with a simple microphone and a laptop. My family and friends seem to love my music, but I have had a tough time getting anyone to take a listen that matters in the industry. Luckily there are sites like yours where I can get positive feedback about my music, which is a blessing for guys like me. My recordings are a little rough around the edges due to only having inexpensive home recording equipment. My dream is to get the right song, to the right ears, and achieve some type of success. I love writing, and I wish I could devote more of my time to doing just that. I don't have lots of money and never have. But if I only get one song played for the world to hear, I would feel like very rich man! Tim R, Broome