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David Perez

David Perez
Nashville, TN, United States Of America
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Alternative, Acoustic, Christian
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Tate Music Group
David Perez
Aaron Lewis, Michael W.Smith, Jeremy Camp, Stryper, Cream, Collective Soul
Recently Signed with Booking agency Hutch Entertainment. Web page is
BB Kings Nashville 11/23/2014


In a sea of talented artists there are always a few extraordinary voices that breakthrough the commercial din, rise above fashionable music trends, and pierce the timeless, emotional heart of things. David Perez truly possesses one of these extraordinary voices. Dave Perez is simply put, the real deal. His voice is truly unique in the fact that it is terrific and powerful, yet melodic. He has had his share of trials by fire and learned to triumph over personal adversity. If Perez's songs that are filled with searing vocals and themes of heartbreak, emotional survival, and celebration of self discovery lead you to believe he has been duly tested by life's tragedies, traumas, and hard knocks, it's simply because he has been. 2014 brought the deaths of both his brother and his best friend. In tragedy, Perez found comfort picking up a guitar and letting emotions come out. As a result, he's writing and recording some of the best music of his upstart career. Feeling the influence of artists as diverse as Michael W. Smith, Aaron Lewis of Staind, Kurt Cobain, James Taylor, and Led Zeppelin, he has both the talent and the desire to make a major impact in the music industry. This is not surprising coming from an artists who proudly calls Detroit, MI. his birthplace. Perez has made the trek to Nashville to show his singer/songwriting talents to the publishing companies and labels of music row. His single "Angel My Love" has been selected to be prominently featured in the new Pete DeLorenzo movie "The Mentor", set for a 2015 release. DeLorenzo ("Goodfellas" and "The Sopranos" fame is one of Perez greatest supporters and has given Perez a spot on the soundtrack as well as one of the prominent scenes in the film. Perez lyrics and melodies will rock and groove you, and then soothe, and please you. But, most importantly, he always entertains you. Perez's powerhouse band is comprised of versatile and talented musicians. Their crowd pleasing show is a mix of mostly original songs with a few top classic/covers throw in for good measure. Perez performs with a great deal of enthusiasm, however; Perez's real talent springs from a sincere love of music and a desire to bring fun and entertainment to others through his music. Perez is on the verge of breaking out in the deeply competitive world of popular music and is definitely one to watch.