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The Monarchy

The Monarchy
metuchen, NJ, USA
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Tim Sullivan, Doona Dior
Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Beatles


The Monarchy is an edgy progressive rock band founded by Tim Sullivan and Donna Dior. With a male/female vocal mix as its signature sound combined with wailing guitars and dominant keyboard parts, the original music of the Monarchy is provocative and unpredictable yet extremely accessible pop melodies.

As a live act, The Monarchy's audiences take as much delight in the set list selections as the energy and unique arrangements The Monarchy offers.

Founded in fall 2011, The Monarchy was mainly a cover act until summer 2013 when Sullivan and Dior began writing sessions of original music for what would become the debut album Decree. The ten song collection is a canon of musical adventure exploring rage, love, loss and abstract themes which use animals as metaphors for human emotions. If there is one thing that The Monarchy does not fear its being labeled weird. The weirder the better say Sullivan and Dior, as the intricate keyboard runs and melodic guitar solos quickly bring the listener to an understanding that: Weird is good

The Monarchy plays regularly in the New York City and New Jersey area. For those fortunate enough to see them live, a few days of rest to let the spectacular musics euphoric effect wear off is recommended