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Silenzio Vitale

Silenzio Vitale
Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, United States
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Progressive, Healing & EasyListening, Classical
Billy (Vito) Vitale, Carlo D'Alatri, Fabrizio Pigliucci
Prog, Classical, Film Music, World


Silenzio Vitale is a musical collaboration between Billy (Vito) Vitale, Carlo D'alatri and Fabrizio Pigliucci. Billy and Carlo have been close friends for many years and although they were band mates on their first band "Apogeo" in their early teens and remained close friends through the years they went off on different paths musically and never really played together (even though some attempts were made). From a different musical initiative started late 2009 with another group Billy had started composing and had created a fairly large catalog of compositions, in a visit to Italy he asked Carlo if he would consider arranging a classical/Progressive piece "The Maze" and he accepted. Carlo engaged Fabrizio Pigliucci to elaborate the orchestrations and from that time on a very unique collaboration was formed. Billy, Carlo and Fabrizio found to be very much in tune and many levels and share a common philosophy and spiritual beliefs. Their intention is to share and express these things with their music and to continue to rely on music an this collaboration to expand and improve on what they have discovered together. The music is highly orchestrated and is a unique mix of progressive, ballads and classical musical forms.