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John X Smith

John X Smith
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Electronica, Club, Trance
Sean Patterson
Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed, Danny Tenaglia, Sasha


I'm just a regular guy from South Africa who likes EDM. I make dance music on my laptop and sometimes do arrangements on my smartphone too.

Where I'm from it's always been pretty much a case of one is either into live music, rock, pop, jazz, etc or one is into played music, generally by a DJ and therefore dance, trance, club, electronica, etc, which has until recently just all been referred to simply under the blanket genre of house music... I am very much a house music kinda guy :D

I was first introduced to, what used to simply have the blanket title of, house music by my older sister and I was fortunate enough to experience my first ever "Rave" as it were in 1999 when my sister invited me to come with her and her friends to a massive party in Johannesburg, South Africa :D where Brooklyn Bounce, ATB and Phats and Small were headlining the event!

I was already hooked when we went to fetch my sister's best friend, Vicky, who was wearing fluffly white boots, hotpants and a bikini top! I remember thinking that regardless of what the rest of the night brought with it, anywhere that beautiful young ladies went our dressed like that, I wanted to be :D

When we got there and eventually got in, I was super stressed as I was only 17 at the time, when we walked into the main arena and I heard, or felt I should say, that pulsating bass hit me like a full on ton of bricks in the most exciting way imagineable, I know I was home :D

I had never been a normal, average run of the mill person, I'm still not and honestly I know I never will be, not better or worse than anyone else, just different entirely. This very much included my taste in house music. I quickly went through all the standard house/club classics and soon moved into my new happy place... Progressive Epic Trance, delivered by the person who truly changed my life forever, Mr. Paul Oakenfold. I soon discovered the Global Underground series and got acquainted with the likes of John Digweed, Danny Tenaglia, Sasha Dave Seaman, the list goes on...

My life has since been a series of 4/4 beats lived 16 little blocks at a time :D and I've never looked back other than to remember awesome and amazing moments I've had the pleasure of experiencing.

Now, I DJ and make house music... I try to be true to who I am and make music that is familiar but different in it's own way. I try ultimately to do justice to the great men and women who showed me this wonderful world that I'm now a part of in the hope that I can do the same for some young, excitable dudes and dudettes still trying to figure out where they fit into this sometimes cruel world we live in.

Anyone who listens to any of the tracks I've put together will notice something slightly odd, off centre, something you can't really put your finger on (perhaps the true professionals like JJ will be able to but for us mere mortals it might be a bit more difficult to nail down)... There always seems to be something missing, as if you can get a sense that there might be some potential here but something just doesn't quite click properly...
That something would be the fact that I have absolutely no formal musical training whatsoever, in any way, shape or form... I cannot play even a single instrument out here in the real world (with the possible notable exception of the Triangle :D) I do not have the coordination to slow my mind down and think about the actions I need to do physically in order to achieve what I hear in my head... I'm a DJ at heart and as such it would be more accurate to think of what I do more as sampling, arranging and tweaking than writing music. I'm able to compile what I arrange by virtue of my DJ abilities and the fact that I'm pretty handy with computers in general and on top of that I just know what I like to hear in a good old fashioned solid house track that picks you up and has it's way with you for a couple of minutes then hands you over to the next for more :D I will get there one day but for the time being I am more than happy to admit that for the most part I have no idea what I'm doing yet :P

I know I have a very, very long way to go to genuinely do any form of justice to the legends who have influenced me, but I believe in aiming for the stars... That way even if you fall short you might still be lucky enough to reach out and touch the moon :D

Thanks for taking the time to listen to, comment on and rate the music I've put together, I genuinely appreciate all the feedback I receive and look forward to growing musically and personally :D

Thanks again and all the best!