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Don Johnson

Don Johnson
Columbia, TN., USA
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Don Johnson grew up in San Antonio, Texas. The son of a professional football player and an Assembly of God pastors daughter, he developed a love of both sports and music. The sports side was not genetic...the music side, fortunately, was. "Everyone on mom's side of the family played or sang and were all mentors to me. It was a no brainer which way to go." At 3 years old Don sat down at the piano and started playing. Since that day, music has been a way of life for this talented singer/songwriter. After spending 16 years travelling North America playing and honing his craft (8 years in Canada w/ bands Louisianna Hotsauce and Way Out West and a tour with the Air Force Tops-in Blue show), Don made the move to Nashville in June of 2009 to share his songs and talent with the industry and other writers. "It was time. I also love to co-write. Two or three heads are always better than one and where better to find the most talented heads to put together than 'Music City'." As a self taught pianist, Don plays from his heart, not from a sheet of music. As a songwriter, his life comes through in a way that everyone can identify with. "I write from personal experience but try very hard to make sure that the lyrics appeal to everyone in some way." Heartfelt, hook-laiden, easily memorizable lyrics together with cathcy, 'stick-in-your-head' melodies makes Don's songs very easy to like. It is just a matter of time before the industry catches on. "It's all fate really, right place-right time kind of stuff. God gave me the ability to do this for a reason and it's really all in his hands. I just play, sing, hope people like it and then leave the rest up to him."