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Mayo Firestone

Mayo Firestone
Spokane, Washington, USA
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Rock, Folk Rock, Blues Rock
Mayo Firestone, Jonathan Firestone, and Ron Elliott
Beatles, Willie Nelson, Badfinger, Led Zeplin, many others


I am an American Born and Raised in the Country, I was Born in 1954.I am A Dad, I have 6 Kids, and 6 Grand Kids... I Grew Up in The 60's n 70's Been Playin All My Life since I was 5 years Old, as My Pappy and Mom did till a few years ago... I also have One Grandaughter so Far doin it too, so to encourage her I put her picture up here too... I would't trade any of Them for their weight in Gold, and the same goes for their parents, I couldn't ask for Better Kids either...I gave my life to Christ in 1987. I have written most of my music since then. I played in a Rock Band in the service (US ARMY ) (1972 - 1976 Honorably Discharged). Many musical groups have influenced me in my music and the Way I say things in my songs. These are part of the gifts the Lord gave me... As You listen to these fruits of me, You will be blessed with the peace of the Lord... You will understand me more... and hopefully to love me more... I do this for Jesus, The Father, Myself, My Kids, Family and Friends... I really never cared to be famous, I just want My Loved Ones to be able to remeber me when I am Gone... There is one song at the bottom of the List I will explain here one day soon... it seems like it is a little contrary to everything else, but don't be set back by the one because when I explain it it will make perfect sense to all who have a relationship with the Lord, and are not religious.. So I thank You For Your Support... I Hope Above all else That I am Pleasing the Creator...My Saviour, and Serving You all well, God Bless Mayo Firestone