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Tassos Sotirakis

Tassos Sotirakis
Athens, Greece
Classical, Alternative, Progressive
Jordan Rudess, Vangelis, KEITH EMERSON, Shigeru Umebayashi, Craig Armstrong


Personal Info Contact Info
Occupation: Composer – Actor Cell Phone: +30697-7711319
Full Name: Anastasios (Tassos) Sotirakis Home Phone: +30210-4966439
Born: 19/05/1980 E-mail:
City/ Country: Nikaia (Piraeus) – Greece
 Drama School
Graduated (Ministry of Culture) from the Superior
School of Dramatic Art St. Barbara - IAKOVOS KAMPANELIS (2nd & 3rd year scholarship)
Studied alongside: R. Pateraki, E. Roditi, P. Moustaki, G. Vogli, S. Peppa, D. Papagianni, A. Thomopoulos, T. Petraki, K. Tsonos.
 Music
He has reached the highest degrees
in music theory and has received the highest distinction by St. Paraskevis conservatoire.
He graduated with the following degrees:
 Harmony – Very Good (Prof. St. Tsatalmpasis)
 Counterpoint – Excellently Unanimously (Prof. Ch. Lamprianidis)
 Fugue – Excellently Unanimously (Prof. Ch. Lamprianidis)
He has studied the German system and Dubois in harmony.
Also tone counterpoint and Andre Gedalge’s method in fugue.
He has finished his studies at keys and he reached the final stage at piano (did not get the certificate).
He has attended piano seminars with: Natalia Michailidou, Dimitris Toufeksis, Giorgos Chatzinikos.
He attends singing lessons with Stefanos Tsatalbasis.
His voice type is baritone.
 Other studies
Industrial Computer Science, T.E.I. Piraeus (3rd year)
He won the award for the best music “Fantastic Film” Festival of 2014 for the short film “The concert” directed by Ilias Florakis.
Practice & Work
 Practice
Under the school of dramatic art he wrote music:
 He wrote the music for the dance exams for the third year students, hosted by “Chorodrama” dance school, for the play “The house of Bernarda Alba”
 He has undertaken entirely the music for the final exams for the third year students for the play “The killing game” by E. Ionesco. (composition and music enragement)
 Curetted the music for the play “America Hurrah” J.C. Van Italie.
 For the theatrical play of M. Crimp “Living Remains”
 Music for three poetry nights
His first appearances were:
 “Assembly of women”, in charge of music. (2001)
 “Eliza” as Patrick by Xenia Kalogeropoulou where he also wrote the music for the songs. (2000)
 “These Ghosts” E.N. Fillipo as Alfredo (2000)
 “The big adventure of Tourtouri” by E. Trivizas, were he played several roles. (1999)
 Professional Work
 Theatre
 In winter of 2015 he plays the role of Theoklimenos in Eleni by Euripides.
 In 2013-14 he cooperated with the director Aris Michopoulos, staging the play “Antigone” by Sophocles in the role of Kreon.
 In 2012 in cooperation with the organization “OIKEIO Theater” they staged the play “Convicted” by K. Theotoki, where he also wrote the music for the songs.
 In 2010 he became a founding member of “OIKEIO Theater” and they staged the play “Abuser, victims & something grey” directed by M. Dimouli. A combination of texts by J.P. Sartre, T. Leivaditi, E.B. Brecht (the script was inspired by the play “Behind closed doors” by Sartre) where he also wrote the music for the songs.
 In the play “Michael Kohlhaas” again as a musician and an actor he wrote the music and acted as a storyteller. The same summer continued with the same play at the Regional Theater of Komotini.
 In 2010 cooperated with T. Tzamaria, and took part, as a musician and actor, in the play “Behold, me! Vladimir Mayakovski” and cosigns the music editing alongside Mr. Platona Andritsaki.
 In 2009 collaborated with S. Vraxoriti in the ancient script of Antigone, performing in the Comedie Claude Volter theater in Brussels, as First Chorus - Angel.
 In 2008 in the play “Das Manifest der kommunistischen partei” by Karl Marx directed by Elena Patrikiou.
 In the summer of 2007 at the Regional Theater of Crete in the play “Captain Michael” as Captain Poliksigkis, directed by G. Vogli.
 In October of 2006 in the play “Cain”, by Lord Byron, as Lucifer, presented at “Shmeio” theater.
 In 2006 in “Antigone” by Sophocles with the original script, directed by S. Vrachiotis, as First Chorus – Angel.
 In 2005 in the play “Perikiromeni” by Menandrus as Moschionas, staged by the theater “Notiou Aigaiou”.
 In 2005 he wrote the music for the play and participated as an actor “The dream of a ridiculous man” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
 In 2004 in the play “Eumenides” by Aeschylus in ancient Greek text with the group “Elliniki Skini”, performing in Chorus.
 In 2003 with the group “Elliniki Skini, Anna Sunodinou” in the play “From the life and work of Penelope Delta”.
 In 2002 with the troupe “Kastalia” of D. Papakostantinou in the play “Antigone”, performing in Chorus.
 Television
 In TV series “O Dromos tis kardias” directed by A. Thomopoulos, as guest star.
 In TV series “Apagoreumeni Agapi” directed by T. Kostantopoulou, as guest star.
 In TV series “Akrovatontas” directed by M. Retsila, as guest star.
 In TV series “Loufa & Parallagi” directed by G. Kordela, as guest star.
 In TV series “Maria h asximi” directed by T. Kostantopoulou, as guest star.
 In TV series “Lola” directed by K. Kostopoulou, as guest star.
 Cinema
 In the movie “Na m’agapas” directed by A. Thomopoulou. (2003)
 In the movie “Big Hit” directed by K. Zonara. (2012)
 Music
 In winter of 2014 he creates the OrangeBlue band in pop-rock sound and Anna’s Boyfriends in entechni* Greek music (*artistic music) and performs lives in stages in Athens.
 In January of 2014 composed the music for the short film “It’s a family business – Revised edition” directed by Anastasia Stylianidi, which participates in “Reed” Short Film Competition in London.
 Collaborates with the director Ilia Floraki composes the music for his three short films. “A simple story” (2012) (which won the award for the best short film, at the 3rd Peloponnesian International Film Festival), “The product manager” (2012), “The concert” (2013).
 In winter of 2013 created the “Tassos Sotirakis Trio” group and played in live stages in Athens.
 In 2010 participates in 45th Dimitria Festival of Thessaloniki, giving a piano recital presenting his entire work.
Also with the help of fellow musicians prepared and performed the music show “Alive… By coincidence”, which includes compositions of his own work and other known cinematic soundtracks.
 He has published two personal albums. The first album with title “220 ways to say I love you” was released in 2010 exclusively be “Ianos” stores, and became best seller.
His second album with title “Flesh Memories” was released in November of 2011, again by “Ianos” company.
 In 2010 he works, for 2nd time with the team “Koula h planidou”, writing the music for the play “The circus” and for 4th time with the 4th Junior High Iliou, composing the music for the play “The Little Prince”.
 In 2009 he helped with the musical direction for the play “Korsedia”, performed be the “Koula h planidou” team.
 In 2007 cooperates with the 2nd and 4th Junior High of Petroupolis and Iliou respectively, writing the music for the plays “Sunday of shoes” by Lakis Lazopoulos and “The birds” by
Aristophanes. Later the same year cooperates again with the 4th Junior High of Ilion in transcription of traditional Ionian Songs.
 In 2005 he wrote the music for the play “Le malade imaginaire” by Moliere.
 2008-2014. Music school “Diapason” at Ilion. Music theory, including History of Music, Morphology of Music, Instrumentation.
 In the summer of 2012 he was invited as a lecturer in a seminar, which took place in the old university of Athens, in causation of his study in cooperation with Mr. Vrachiotis on the Antigone scripts. He spoke for the articulation of ancient speech and for the ancient Greek music system.
 2005-2006. Public Professional Training Institute. Sections of Sound Engineering and Music Technology. Music theory, Morphology of Music, Audio for Radio, TV & Film, Instrumentation, Music Theatre - Moving Image & Radio Productions, Sound Composition Techniques.
 2003-2006. Music theory and singing at Advanced School of dramatic Art “St. Barbara” in collaboration with Gianni Zouganeli, Thano Petraki, Louka Thano and Maria Dimitriadi.
Skills & Hobbies
 He is a swimmer at freestyle and frontal style. And he played Polo.
 He knows theatrical fencing and sporting fencing for three swords.
 He speaks English (Level: Lower Certification).
 He knows basic steps for tango, waltz, mambo and bossa nova. Also traditional Greek dances.
 He also likes water ski.
 Drivers License for car and motorcycle
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