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Stephen (Steve) Mason

Stephen (Steve) Mason
Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA
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Country, Blues, Folk Rock
Steve Mason
Bob Dylan, Heart, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, BB King, Carlos Santana


Singer/Songwriter - Country, with occasional mixture of folk/rock with a blues overtone recorded with minimal tracks; however, still a full sound.

Born in Norfolk, VA into a Coast Guard military family and traveled around the east coast through my younger years. Settled back in Virginia after my fathers retirement and started my career with the civil service. Have enjoyed the creativity of writing poetically since I was a boy so learning to play guitar in late teens provided a natural step into songwriting. I studied some chord and scale theory under instruction of "Lewis McGehee"- one of Tidewater Virginia's finest acoustic players; of course that doesnt mean I can play like Lewis, just means I had a good teacher.

My career eventually took me south and I settled in north Florida where I meet not only my wife and biggest fan but many talented musicians. When time allowed I continued to write, home record and do some local entertaining with fellow musicians. But with songwriting being my passion I wanted more time to focus on just that one dream.

So, I came up eligible for retirement from my day job last year, and songwriting can now became my main focus.
It's a wonderful feeling to spend time doing what you really love.
So here I am headin down to Nashville to do a Song Demo on Music Row and at this stage in my life; Ive come to know, it really doesnt get any better than that - Spiritually speaking!
Peace hope to meet many of you on the journey - Let Love guide ya!
Thank you very much!