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Michael S Brown a.k.a. MiNworb

Michael S Brown a.k.a. MiNworb
Greenbrier, AR, United States
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Fusion, Blues Rock, Country
Self, Singer/ Songwriter/ musician
Santana, Beck, Benson, W Montgomery,+++


Michael is a multi-instrumentalist/ vocalist/ songwriter, that has worked with many of Arkansas' top musicians, and from other states as well. His career spans over 4 decades working in numerous styles of music from Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, and Funk. Venues ranged from Country Clubs to Vegas, large festivals, and in opening acts for bands ranging from Styx to John Anderson, Bellamy Brothers, and several others. Michael was also the lead guitarist for Robin Lee of Atlantic Records (Black Velvet) in her tour support band Summerwine. Two of Michael's former female singers, Gennifer Flowers (yes that one ;o), and Sherri Baker were direct hires from his band to join the Hee Haw Show.

Michael's first true introduction to the Blues way back in the mid 1960's on the front porch of his next door neighbors house, Sidney Moncrief, of Arkansas Razorbacks, and Milwaukee Bucks fame. One of his family members had an electric guitar and taught Michael how to play Tobacco Road, while he and his friends were having a jam session. Needless to say, the hook "gaffed" Michael then and there!

Music has always been a part of the Brown family, so Michael grew up around several types of musical instruments being in the home. From his grand parents, and his dad, as well as two brothers that played were a huge impact on what Michael was to become. His first actual formal music education came from playing trumpet in the sixth grade, then in middle school in the choir. Michael did take a few lessons from a couple of well respected guitar instructors, Bob Lincoln, and Ron Ebbert. Later he would attend the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, for music theory, but to a large degree Michael is self educated through endless hours of study.

One of Michael's favorite print reviews came from his former band-mate and friend, Gil Franklin, of the well known Little Rock, Arkansas band Blues Patrol, which Michael had the honor to work with. Gil spoke of Michael being a quiet and humble musician, but went on to brag about Michael's style and musicianship.