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Lowell, Ma, US
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Hip Hop, Rap, R&B


John Anderson ( aka JD ) was born august 29th, 1993, growing up in Lowell Ma, he was always a "street kid" who was looking for any kind of trouble to get into. He loved the thrill of doing crazy things and avoiding getting caught. With his mother being a drug additct, and his father an alcoholic, he never had a real source of guidence. When he was twelve he was taken away from his mother and moved to Wilmington, Ma with his father. Being the new kid in school he got made fun of for things such as, the was he dressed, talked, and his personality in general. With no friends or family to rely on, he turned to music as a way to express his feelings. Being influenced by musicians such as Eminem, 50 cent, DMX, Cassidy, etc , he knew he could put words together in a clever way, but with no support from anyone, he knew it would be difficult. With his dad being totally opposite, a fan of rock, he did not like that his son wanted to be a "rapper". After finding a notebook full of vulgar and disrespectful lyrics, he threw the notebook out and told JD he could not be a rapper and simply wouldnt make it either way. This just gave JD more engery and detication to make music, After releasing a couple songs he started to gain a little more respect in school, but to him it wasnt enough. He would rap in school to other students until he got the respect he wanted. While other kids were taking notes, JD was writing songs and lyrics. In 2011, JD got fed up with his father and the people in Wilmington and moved back to his hometown where he is more understood and respected. With a baby on the way now he knows he has to make music his main priority. He now has more supporters and fans. JD is now well known in his city and plans to be well known around the world! Be sure to look out for JD !