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World In Pieces

World In Pieces
Phoenix, AZ, United States
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Led by lead guitarist and songwriter, Louie, "world in pieces" beginnings can be traced back to the early 90's when he was joined by Kenny on vocals and rhythm Guitar. Though very close in age, Louie is actually Kenny's uncle. "We are so close in age that Louie has been more like an older brother than an uncle. We have quite a bit of similarity in our musical influences, and we have always worked great together. Louie writes most of the material, and together we put the finishing touches on it to create the songs," says Kenny, "It's been quite a journey getting to where we are today, as a band, and as a family:'

There have been many different lineups and musicians throughout the years. In 2012, Louie met the
bassist Bill, when they worked together in a machine shop. "From the first time we played together,
I knew we had something. Louie's writing style gives me the freedom to actually play the Bass more
musically, and still hold down the rhythm of the songs;' offers Bill, "I have always loved bands like Pink Floyd who really explore their music, and "world in pieces" gives me the opportunity play these complex underlying compositions, in a style I really enjoy playing:'

Though not initially intended, 2014 became a year of reinvention for the band. A new name "world
in pieces", a new drummer- Rick (formerly of Toxic Dollz), and a new harder hitting sound that blends the old and the new. "When I joined "world in pieces", it was obvious there was a ton of talent and a great catalog of songs that needed to be released. With a little work, I knew "world in pieces" could really do something cool;' proclaims Rick, "So after a few times jamming together, we hit the studio to turn Louie's vision into reality. We have already grown so much as a band in such a short time, and we are just getting started. I am very excited to be a part of it!"

Locked away in the studio for 6 months, "world in pieces" finally completed work on their self-titled
debut. The 6 song EP offers a hard rock sound that has been missing from the music scene for decades. Blending old
school hooks and modern vocals, over a steady pounding rhythm section, and produced using state
of the art techniques, "world in pieces" offers a full sounding mix of admitted influences ranging
from classic BTO / Led Zeppelin to later releases by Metallica / Volbeat, and everything in between. "I can't say we sound like anyone. There are so many varied influences in our music," states Louie, "We play our own brand of good ol' original hard rock songs. It's the kind of music we all like to listen to:'

In 2015, "world in pieces" hits the stage with their new live show throughout the southwest. Though
their fan base is mostly in Phoenix, the band's sights are set on Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Beyond!

"We'll see you at the shows!"- w.i.p.