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Justice In Poetry

Justice In Poetry
Syracuse, NY, US
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East Coast Music Productions
Dave Matthews, Pink Floyd, Yanni


I tell a story of the last 15 years of my life. When no one, or nothing could truly understand me for who I was. Judged and cast out by classmates, bullied, and ridiculed for being different. I pushed past it all. Just to be beaten down again by the world of "INJUSTICE". Accused for an unthinkable crime that I could never commit. But never understanding that, the politics behind the motions were more ridiculous then the charges themselves. Eight years of fighting for credibility and only getting as far as a music note worth of freedom. So that is what I did! I used music to build myself up. To let the world hear my change from pain to happiness. Take the time, listen to the music, and find yourself wanting more of a musical story. Including love, hate, resentment of my past, but most importantly. Finding myself in the midst of everything. Chaos through frequencies of beauty! This is my story, and no matter what. I would not back down from following my dream of Writing Poetic Justice.