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Austin, Tx, United States
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Hip Hop, Rap
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Rubo Records
T The Truth, 450
MoTown, Bob Marley, Old School Hip Hop and RnB


HIP-HOP IS BACK with this duo consisting of brothers T The Truth and 450. FamupMuzic, formally known as F.A.M. Family And Money, is a Hip-Hop group that is sure to reach millions through their music. Their style of hard hitting, soul piercing, and emotional gripped flows combined with amazing production and sound quality will leave you wanting to hear more! In the words of 450, "Don't just hear...LISTEN!" Both artists are from Oklahoma and represent the Sooner state with pride. T The Truth, sometimes referred to as T3 or Truth, is not only an artist in the group but he also records, mixes, and masters the group's records and has produced as well. Without a doubt, 450 is the wild-man of the two! His aggressive in your face flow and ability to put on one heck of a show give the group balance as T3 is more laid back and mellow.

At an early age, both artists discovered music was their true passion. Though life gave them incredible experiences which fuels their songs, music wasn't always their main focus. Being the outstanding high school and college football star that he was, 450 had ambitions and talent to make it to the NFL but never received the consideration because of a devastating ankle injury. While 450 was running the field, T The Truth served as an enlisted soldier in the US Army and completed 2 tours of duty in Iraq. Having served for a total of 6 years, he was honorably discharged in 2007 a year before 450 was to complete college. The two brothers united again and decided to give music a full time effort and so began FamupMuzic's career in 2008 in the small city of Huntsville, Texas.

Since the beginning, FamupMuzic has provided listeners with a unique, wildly creative and captivating listening experience. You won't hear what many associate with modern rap as the stereotypical money, cars, h**s type of music. If you could sum it all into one word, the music that T The Truth and 450 create would be labeled as substance. The content of their flows, the rhythm of their delivery,and the passion behind the stories told through their art is not only heard, it is felt! These brothers do not like to promote violence and negativity. They realize the nature of the neighborhoods they came from, and many across the world, are sometimes fueled and filled by it so in turn they celebrate and promote positive messages through their music.

Currently, FamupMuzic just completed "Soul Muzic" the mixtape . The group teamed up with producers J-Rum, Tony Fadd, Tone Jonez, and many more to create some of the most amazing songs that Hip-Hop has ever heard! The group has also signed with independent label Rubo Records and will be adding more music, shows, and services as well as a tour in spring of 2015 as well.

New music is uploaded every Friday at 10:00am and content is added often so sign up to the mailing list to stay posted!