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Starla Angus

Starla Angus
long beach, ca, united states
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Other, Rock, Progressive


When I write a song, I always write about something thats real and that I have passion forI mean love songs are cute and fun, but my deep dark thoughts usually go way beyond that---writing music is what gets me through the day and the nightits a release and it keeps me out of the loony binso I write about injustice, poverty, war, abuse, betrayal, suicidebut I also include things like dreams, angels on the run and the magic thats you.------------ Ive always been told my vocal sound is uniqueI cant say for sure because no one can really listen to themselves objectivelyI would definitely vote for unorthodox. Its very hard for me to pinpoint my music into one particular style since I have some songs that are doo-wop, reggae, smooth jazz, Latineven spoken wordmy favorite musical artists range from Duke Ellington to Janis JoplinI guess I just go with the flow. Whats really cool is that my fans are of all agesI guess music has no boundaries and maybe just sometimes someone listening to my music gets some sort of release too