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Ted & Alice Miller

Ted & Alice Miller
St. Helena, Ne, USA
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Americana, Folk Rock, Indie
Ted Miller, Alice Miller
John Prine, Tom Petty, Bob Mould, Patty Griffin, Chris Knight, Guster, Casey Chambers/Shane Nicholson


Small Talk is the title of the new album by Ted & Alice Miller. After two years of touring and playing for audiences in the Midwest promoting their first album, the duo decided it was time to bring to life a new batch of tunes that would highlight the spirit and honesty of their live performances. With this in mind the quest began to find the right studio to best capture these songs. Ted met and visited with many sound engineers but none seemed to really "fit the bill". It was shortly after the duo recorded for the Sioux Falls based program featuring local, national, and regional musicians call The White Wall Sessions that Ted and Alice found the right studio. Chad Konrad of Pony Creek Studios offered the creativity and flexibility the duo were looking for. The album was recorded in the wide open space of The White Wall Sessions studio which superbly captured and highlighted the warmth and fullness of Ted's 20 year old Mart's D-1.

Small Talk is an honest view of Ted & Alice Miller's music. Ted's "atomic right hand" keeps precise clean rhythm changing tempo yet never losing the beat all the while throwing in some tender finger picking just to nail his point home. Small Talk features a variety of music styles. It has been said there might even be a feel of 90's pop mixed in but you can be the judge of that. From the sultry blues of Away to the sweet country style duet of Somewhere With You one thing is for sure, Alice's harmonies help to bring each and every song to life. When she takes over on lead vocals on Birds & Bees she has your full attention.

Ted and Alice Miller are a husband and wife duo who reside on an acreage in rural Northeast Nebraska. They are both originally from the small town of Hartington Nebraska and have had affinity for music for about as long as they can remember. Ted has been playing guitar from a very young age and writing songs since as early as grade school. Many genres and artists have influenced him in one way or another and though it may not show in his songwriting and guitar style, influences range from John Prine, Bob Mould, Johnny Thunders, Bob Dylan, and Uncle Tupelo to Metallica, The Replacements, Peter Case, and the list goes on. Alice grew up in an environment rich with music. It was not unusual to spend a Friday or Saturday evening sitting around the fire singing original folk songs with her family. Some of her earliest memories are of her father competing in fiddler's competitions and playing music with his friends. In high school she joined chorus and swing choir and even went on to manage a music store later in life. It would be a great story to tell that it was music that brought the couple together but that is just not the case. Ted and Alice had both gone their separate ways after high school and is was not until 2004 that they would run into each other again. One thing led to another and music came charging into the couple's future.

In 2012 Ted decided it was time to make his dream a reality and take his music to the next level. He had been writing numerous songs and capturing them on his home recording equipment but it just wasn't enough. The real push to record came from a conversation and pact he and his lifelong buddy had made. Life is to short! Follow your dreams!!! and that is exactly what Ted did. Muscle, Bone, Skin & Fat was recorded at Power Base Studios in Wisner Nebraska and Ted didn't hold anything back. The 11 songs on that album were brought to life with a full band sound and Alice filling in on a few harmonies. Now it was time to decide what to do with this new album......and that is how Ted & Alice Miller began performing their music together.

They have spent the last two years playing their music and learning how to best perform their songs for others without a full band behind them. With the release of Small Talk, Ted & Alice are excited to bring their new sound to the masses and keep their live performances honest and straight forward with a "down to earth" feel. Look for them touring and promoting their album in the near future.