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Elena Maro

Elena Maro
Instrumental, Ambient, Americana
Elena Maro


I'm a singer songwriter, composer, sound design artist, playwright. actress, dancer, ESL teacher, and QTS teacher, but I call myself "cantattrice", which in the Italian language is a cross between the words singer, songwriter, actress.
Former ballet dancer, lead singer for an orchestra in a 16 months European tour and studio and tv vocalist, long experienced lead singer for r&b bands across Italy, I have been working more recently mainly as a singer songwriter, composer, sound design artist, actress and playwright for theatre productions, also with symphonic orchestras and very popular Italian singers.
In November 2013 I made my debut with my first theatre monologue, "and the Ocean In Between" as a playwright, actress, singer, songwriter.
I'm the author of the lyrics to "Today- Say no to child labour" (music by M.A.Olivero), a pop song against child labour, part of a campaign by ILO - UN Agency. Due to that campaign I was in Los Angeles on December 2013 and January 2014 and then I also performed live in venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood.
I also have a long time experience as a vocal coach in studio recording sessions.
I play guitar, ukulele and keyboards and I compose, write lyrics, play, arrange and engineer my songs, music and sound effects myself. I've got quite a wide songbook at the moment including different music genres and influences: pop, r&b, folk rock, house, electronic, instrumental soundtracks.
In 2014 I joined the newborn Artists Association NIG - Nuove Idee Globali. It is based in Asti and it offers various services regarding theatre, education and events planning.
I have been working for almost two years in this association creating original sound effects and music for its theatre plays.
In 2016 I moved to LA where I studied Scoring for Film and TV, Songwriting and Music Production at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. I graduated June 2017.
I am currently starting as a film composer and expanding my catalogue of music for Film, TV, Theatre, Commercials.