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Houston, ro, Harris
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Grew up in a little farm village in upstate western NY in the late 60s & early 70s. Looking back pretty cool place. OK its way cold and I only visit in the summer time now. My oldest brother played drums and owned a full drum set making lessons and practice convenient for me. Certainly didnt hurt he was one of premier drummers around at that time. Problem developed when he moved away from home and his drums went with him. That put my music on hold for number of years except for singing along with the radio or jukebox at the bars. I served 3 years in the U.S. Army and returned back home in summer of 1975. Hung around for year or so then headed south to Houston, TX for some warmth and sunshine. Ive pretty much resided in Houston ever since with a short stay in Portland, Oregon for 1 yearrained a lot. Purchased a cheap 12 string at a pawn shop while in the military and learned a few chords and strummed and sang while pounding down the old whiskey. Long story short Ive never really learned how to play the guitar well and doubt I ever will. I use the guitar as an accompany device only for singing or at least what I call singing. When playing out I perform almost all cover songs like The Mavericks Band, Elvis, and various old country songs. Id say Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash pretty much shaped my voice from singing along with them for years and years. I hope for a few more years. Nope never did return to drumming and never really missed it after the first year. Music now is form of entertainment for me not so much the listener. Oh sure itd be great if somehow I wrote a great song but how many really great songs have you really heard? The good news for all of us is sometimes the really great songs are pretty simple songs. Maybe I have one in me for Ive been called simple minded before!