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Lemon Frog

Lemon Frog
Prescott, Michigan, USA
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Steve "The Animal" Obuch Sr.-Drums, Vocals, Colleen "Pinky" Babcock-Lead Vocals, Steven Obuch Jr.-Lead Guitar, Bobby Brown-Bass
April 11th-Vista Lanes, Oscoda, MI, April 17th & 18th Cedar Bar, Lupton, MI, April 25th Joe's Bar, Alpena,MI, May 2nd The Alley


Who or what is Lemon Frog you ask? From the depths of the swamp comes a band, a family band called Lemon Frog. Formed in 2011, the band has gone through many changes. Lead singers, bass players, many changes until we finally got it right by keeping it just family. Father and drummer Steve "The Animal" Obuch Sr., mother, wife and lead singer Colleen "Pinky" Babcock, son and lead guitarist Steven Obuch Jr., and bass player and brother Bobby Brown make up what we call Lemon Frog. We are a classic rock, blues and what ever else makes us feel froggy, type of band. We try to play to everyone. We have original music as well.
Our diverse backgrounds make our originals what they are. The Animal has been in many original heavy metal bands before landing in the swamp and forming Lemon Frog. Jr., who is also a drummer originally, was thrown on guitar and had to learn how to play and has done quite well with it. Pinky started out as a back-up singer with a few songs that she sang lead on, to becoming the lead singer in the band. Bobby Brown had also been in former cover/original bands before hopping on a lily pad and playing bass for Lemon Frog.