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Jerome F.

Jerome F.
Funk, Rock, Electro


Jerome a 47 years old musician from South France. He starts music at 7 year old with trumpet, then he plays drums for more than 15 years.after a break of 3 years he starts to sing, and a few years later decide to compose a LP 5 titles, all composed played , sung and engineered all by himself ; that's the music you hear on this page. Jerome dreamed to play those song live with a band, but never found the right musician to play with. it was 4 years ago. He is actually play with old friends in a band called Black Diamond ( a non-make up kiss cover band ) as a singer/rythmn guitarist. He still hope to play live the song your ear here ... its, maybe gonna happen, with the musician of Black Diamond in a new project ... to be continued ... ( )