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Newark, New Jersey, United States
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Hip Hop, Rap, Freestyle
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Creative hard working people who strive to provide fans with their product with or without the fame and stardom
Indie: Brick Ballin Ent


Beith, born Keith Nichols in Newark NJ 25 years ago is a versatile rapper who has been involved with and around music since he was 3 years old. His father has a background in DJ and engineering which introduced him to the hip-hop scene early and he began writing and recording by the time he was 12 years old. Born in semi-poverty and violence all around him, Beith used music as his way to escape the boundaries he was trapped in and soon made music a full time thing. His passion for the inner workings in music extends beyond just liking music, music is his life and he dedicates his entire life to music and is committed to his craft. To date he has recorded over 500 songs and has worked with other up and coming artists. Networking with his fellow artists is important to him as he feels that's the best way to better yourself and learn from others in order to further your career. You never can learn too much in this business" he says and he feels that with hard work, you can never fail. His musical influences include: 2pac, Lil Wayne, Eminem, KRS One, Jay-Z Rakim, Eric B and DMX. Beith writes his own lyrics as well and occasionally writes for other artists as well. Despite being unsigned, he has managed to gather a web presence and an online search engine presence as well and has attracted a following and he loves his fans. He has released an album professionally by the title of "Life Of A Hustla" which he released on Amazon. Beith sees a future for himself in the music industry and thus, he is determined to continue to pursue a career in music.