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Alex Yantsevich

Alex Yantsevich
Westfield, MA, USA
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Christian, Pop, Rock


I was born on July 19, 1975, in a small town called Glubokoe in the northern part of Belarus (Europe).

I loved music from childhood. I sang everything and everywhere. Later I started to write my own lyrics and music.

It was wonderful to take part in all my schools projects as a singer. I was the lead vocalist of a school choir. I was also going to Music school and took violin classes. After finishing 7 years of Music School, I took a break from all music activities. The Music school gave me a very strong foundation in classical music, but I dreamed about pop-music.

When I finished High school, I thought of going to the Veterinary Institute but some of my good friends suggested I go to Music College. So I learnt one more instrument, the Euphonium.

At the same time, my life was changed by the mercy of Jesus Christ. He changed my mind and heart and saved my soul forever. Everything had a new beginning. Art was reached with a light. My studying process was even smoother. All that time belonged to my Savior Jesus Christ and His Church. That was life without alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and sex before I got married. I read the Bible a lot and tried to find out God's will for my life.

Then in 1996, something special happened. I had only dreamed about it. I was going to the capital city of Belarus, Minsk. I became a student of the Theological Institute. When I finished in 2000, I got a Bachelor of Theology. From 1996 to 2000 I met some very good friends and musicians. They helped me to record the first album in my life. Then we went around our country with many different programs. We went to hospitals, camps, dance-clubs, Music Fests, Evangelist concerts and many other ministries in different kind of congregations.

In 1998, I became a part of a Christian Rock Band "OAZIS". It was the best time of my life. We had 60 concerts during 2 years. We saw a lot of people who gave their hearts to Jesus after our concerts. It was a very strong encouragement to move ahead. In 2001 we were able to record our greatest CD project "I am singing to you". Right after that I came to the USA.

Since September 2001, my family has lived in Massachusetts. That same year I made one more CD "Forgive". It is a very good pop-music album. Mostly there were re-mixes of the "OAZIS" projects, but we added a couple of new songs.

In 2003, God told us to join the "Source of Life" Church.

In 2007 released the new album - "If you want ...". After that, God gave me the opportunity to visit the Holy Land with this songs.

In 2013, I became a participant of the American Christian Talent Contest "Discovery - 2013." After participating in it received an offer to record the first album in English. Over what is now a very serious job in Hollywood. And by the end of 2014, the project should be completed.

Also in 2014, finally released the long-awaited album - "Youth is lovely", dedicated to the history of Russian Christianity. Basically, this album includes popular hymns performed in the Russian-speaking churches for the past 100 years.

Now Im actively developing the prophetic worship ministry of "Fire of Revival". I continue to write songs. Recently more and more in English. Most of the time I devote to participate in concerts prophetic glorification, as in the Russian-speaking and English-speaking churches.