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James Kevin O'Connor

James Kevin O\'Connor
Mendham, NJ, USA
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Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock
The Super Groups, English Rock, any one with a good sense of Melody


BY, R.A. Leslie

"Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and

Theodore Dreiser

James Kevin O'Connor's approach to his musical artistry is like a fine aged wine: Full-bodied and mindfulness in one comprehensive package called, Soul. He approaches life--his life as all true artists do: To create is their sustenance, their honey, their breath.

His sense of himself is harmoniously in sync with his world around him. He is as complex as his lyrics and as strong in his resolve to live out his dharmic, creative plan, to its very (sweet) end.

Born into an Irish Catholic household, in northern New Jersey, O'Connor is the second eldest of seven children. Due to unforeseen life challenges, O'Connor spent a lifetime shaping and reshaping his life and musical career.

Just barely surviving teenage years, O'Connor, at the age of twenty, embarked on a musical career that has now spanned decades. Always moving in the direction of his dreams, there were years where O'Connor quieted his musical aspirations due to unforeseen events in his life.

Married at the age of twenty-three, O'Connor worked hard to build a life for himself and his young wife. By the time he was thirty-four he was the proud father of two young boys and a blossoming career as the owner of a growing contracting business. With the demands of being an active, full-time father and husband, O'Connor channeled his passion for music into his growing business and family.

O'Connor possesses in character and music, a balance of romance and idealism, with sudden bursts of realism woven into melodies and lyrics. While his voice cries out some painful poetry, one can feel the jab in their heart, as if he is singing directly to them. He quickly catches himself and expresses forgiveness, sorrow and love, winding down and addressing his own pain and suffering.

It has taken a lifetime for O'Connor to mature creatively and like many of us who take the road less traveled, time is our friend, for it is with the gift of time that we blossom into an ever evolving human being. Not necessarily the one our caregivers intended for us.

Though the years of not feeding his true life calling, O'Connor thought of music daily and never surrendered to the societal need for conformity. He knew, deep within his soul that this time nurturing his business and family was necessary. He had faith that eventually his musical voice would be freed--again.

Decade after decade, O'Connor stayed the course of what it means to be an individual and to follow one's heart takes great courage. Finally, in the spring of 2000 and newly separated, O'Connor sought spiritual and creative refuge in Morris County, New Jersey. A small carriage house perched on acres of farmland and nature gave him a newfound sanctuary for his creative and spiritual well-being. There, in all the splendor of nature and God, finally, once again, the boy, the man and the music could reunite and--heal.

Battling past demons from childhood abuse, O'Connor survives and thrives by bringing a lifetime of spiritual growth that has guided his music from a deep well of pain and sadness. Being raised with an abusive and alcoholic, rampaging father, mixed with undeserving messages from his religion, O'Connor knew he could either succumb to suffering and surrender to the violence he interpreted as love, or he could change the course of his belief system--and life. He chose to change his life.

The life of the struggling artist remains a constant, throughout history--like mythology. The Artist vs. Society. O'Connor is a true artist. Devoted to his craft and to helping others discover theirs, he is coach, mentor, father, brother and friend. He has taken his pain and suffering and turned it into art and love--inspiring others to do the same.

Though some of O'Connor's lyrics ring true to the Catholic Tune of suffering and resurrection and sometimes even, regret, his style is different. O'Connor's music brings a crisp new perspective to what religion is and what is could be:

A liberation from conventionality and suppression to the geography of one's soul, a map to ourselves that only we have the power to navigate and heal.

James Kevin O'Connor Master Storyteller, using voice and guitar, inspiring the soundtrack of Your Life~