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Al Sig Jensen

Al Sig Jensen
Beautiful Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
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Progressive, Classic Rock, Instrumental
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Chancellor Music
extra tracks by Jef Leeson
Frank Marino, Geddy Lee, Mike Oldfield, Tom Scholtz, Pat Travers and literally every guitarist I've paid attention to.


"Everyone is their own best judge of music - no one can tell you that 'Song A' is better than 'Song B'. You only need disagree, regardless of any self-proclaimed musical intellect who tries to tell you otherwise."

We've kept Al's history and background as short and informative as possible, so that you can get to the good stuff - THE MUSIC:

Having come from a classically oriented family, pre-19th-century music was a staple in Al's household. After being given a Recorder to play along with his family, he was instantly hooked on playing a part within a group because the sum of the sound seemed greater than the individual instruments.
Later, at age 13 Al became obsessed with collecting electronics and audio equipment; a love which later took the form of collecting guitars.

While still knee-high to a Ukelele, witnessing a rehearsing bar band gave Al his first exposure to live rock and Top 40 music. Again, Al was hooked because the sum of the sound was greater than the instrumentation.

Teaching guitar a few years later gave Jensen the financial vehicle to begin collecting recording gear. Using two cassette decks & teaming up with Jef Leeson helped to raise the bar for musical and recording quality.

For the next 20 years, Al played Lead guitar and sang lead & harmony vocals in a smattering of bar bands.

After raising three boys, all having become musicians in their own right, Al created a personal studio so that he could pick up where

he left off 30 years earlier, save for hopefully a little more talent and experience.

"It's my sincere hope that I have created at least one 'Song A' for you to enjoy".