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Durban, KZN, South Africa
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Rap, Hip Hop, R&B
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Maurice Brown and Shad Moss
Sunday Times



Date of birth
14 November 1991
Birth Names
Xolani Lammeck Mfeka
BBM Pin:27ADA15C
Xolani Lammeck Mfeka was born on the 14 of November 1991, Durban South Africa. As a child growing up he has never been familiar with his dad. but has always had the backing of his mother grandmother, aunts and uncle, as a child growing up he had a lot of interest in music and sport that when he was nine years in age he formed his own group named " DA REPERTITIONERS" the group naming came about them constantly repeating themselves in every performance and shows that they had as a group. The group consisted of four guys which where Xolani Lammeck Mfeka, Lwazi Zungu and Sabelo Dlamini.
at the age of nine he wrote his first song called "bounce" this song was sort of influenced by bow wow and Jermaine Dupri which featured jagged edge : Puppy love.
After four years of schooling and other music activities and sport, Xolani decided to go back to his music career, joining a music production, named N.W.O (No way out) productions as one of the youngest members in the entire production, he impressed a lot of people, even the owners of N.W.O. even went on to shooting music videos with the production.
2008 / he managed a dance group, by the name of "Pro2call" while still with no way out productions, the group later on that year became a success in Durban, ranked at number two following the critically acclaimed dance group, called "Genesis", they were 2nd best in the battle of the year all elements, same year of 2008.
Xolani Lammeck Mfeka got the name L.zee through his friends that so potential in him to become the greatest in South Africa, comparing him with the likes of Jay-Z the similarities in flows punch lines and direct content proved, the Lammeck. Zee was going far with his music career.
2009 / Lammeck got a internship with a well-known radio station in K.Z.N named Gagasi 99.5 for a period of two months before joining radio Dj Mac-j of Vibe FM as a co-host in the six to ten, Top' 40 hits count down, Sunday nights.

He was also sponsored by a clothing label Beggy Jeans" the contract was for a year 2009/2010 with Puleng Ndlovu.
2010 / Lammeck was one in five finales in the K.Z.N music house auditions, out of the thousands that attended in a five day audition, they currently recording the artists for a compilation album which will be released soon, dates havent been set as yet but it looks like something that will be end of this year, so watch out for Lammeck hit single on the album, which will be making waves in South Africa... "What you talking about" and "Make it clear".
2011, independently watch out for his song with "Ise" called kinky. Coming soon.

Xolani Lammeck Mfeka: If you want to find me.
My Space: Lammeck
Twitter: LammeckZee
Facebook: L.zee Xolani
Reverb nation: Lammeck
Cell no: 27 (0) 79-679-4206