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Emma Hardwick

Emma Hardwick
Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
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Pop, Electronica, Healing & EasyListening
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Emma Hardwick
Emma Hardwick
Whitney Houston,Celine Dion,Bette Midler and other Powerful Singers


My name is Emma Louise Hardwick.I am one of five girls to my proud parents who have supported myself in everything I do.My mum discovered I could sing at the age of 4,when I was listening to the radio and one of my favourite artist Whitney Houston was playing.I was singing along with them and from that day,my mum knew I had talent.I went to Northampton College for 2 years to study a Btec National Diploma In Popular Music.At college I learnt how to write and compose songs.We did many performances,where I sang solo and sang the songs that I had composed in my lessons.We learnt sbout Recording Techniques and how to become a successful star one day.I am a Ballad and Dance Singer.I especially enjoy learning songs from the disney soundtracks.I enjoy making those songs my own.I enjoy singing songs which require alot of power and feeling in my voice.I enjoy a challenge and I like writing my own songs.When I sing to an audience I tell a story and I feel they are in the story with myself.Im currently writing my own songs and hopefully one day id be able to sing one of them.I hope you enjoy listening to my singing as much as I enjoy entertaining.