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Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Psychedelic, Electronica, Funk
Cooper Bombadil, Tim Shireman, Daniel Olson, Mike Gatthall
Radiohead, Tool, Sigur Ros, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Mars Volta, Rolling Stones, Can, The Flaming Lips, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse


Like Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd at a disco party, Westerner is a cosmic, funky rock band. Their first album, Unreal City, was created using innovative recording techniques. It's a sci-fi, rock opera composed of catchy pop songs, surreal sounds, and strange characters who seem to be climbing out of the rabbit hole. Watch out, Alice.

Westerner's live performances are like religious revivals for the EDM age. Electronic noises are combined with psychedelic soundscapes to create an exciting show that's unlike anything you've heard before. And yet it's strangely accessible. In between songs, the frontman - who is part psychic, part cult leader, and part joker - will talk in metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, pseudo-scientific half-truths, dystopian conspiracy theories, and technophobic rants. If you're lucky you will walk away with a Tarot card.

Cooper Bombadil wrote and recorded Unreal City almost entirely in his apartment. Matty J ( made it sound like music. And Dan Rambles, Mike Gattshall, and Tim Shireman make it come alive.