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Owen Diamond

Owen Diamond
London, United Kingdom
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Pop, Rock, Classical
Jean Jacques-Goldman


I am a songwriter and composer and I have a port-folio of great songs that is well loved by lots of listeners who view them.
My songs genre is Pop, Rock, Rock and Roll and Classical. I have challenged myself into writing Jazz, Punk but my main strengths in composition are Pop, Rock and Classical as I am truly inspired by artists of those genres.
I have been writing for over 10 years having written over 150 songs and only 120 songs that I am very proud of and enjoy performing.
I play the piano with taking grades with the Associated Royal School of Music which is a worldwide famous examination company.
I have composed a few instrumental themes as well as songs that I am also very much and proud of composing.
A few of them being the "Going Back Home (Theme)", "The Days of Spring" and "Goodbye My Love" which are the 3 pieces that I decided to present for you this time round.