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gatineau, Quebec, Canada
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sean ranndy mcmahon paskal laflamme steve arsenault
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success is the key not money because you succeed then comes the paper sean ranndy mcmahon, sean ranndy mcmahon


producer og many genres of electronic music including ambiant psy trance electro house teckno hip hop also a writer of abstract poetic verses beat maker and sound engineer analog madman painter sprayman and video maker started making music 15 years ago and now producing to the masses thank you and enjoy my music thx thx steve brown bunker studios patrice roux andre l benroit desroches phil fairhead pat his wife isabelle fred and steph ron jon zoltanrip forrest alice in wonderland ryan hashek deerah abe van dam martin villneuve jimmy strip dan lift dwayne started listening to electronic music in 87.later in my years started going raves and afterparties in england and scotland.when settled back in canada bought my first mixer and turntable and could not mix lol.then went to a party and noticed the dj with a flanger a( wave through an equalisation of sound)then that was it i started buying all machines with flangers over the years i picked up a number of different synths drummachines samplers analog mods and before i long i have a mass collection of music pharaphanalia.any started making tracks on fruityloops and got stuck to it like glue.i sold most of my gear and started writing poetry artist sean mcmahon then i started to sing hip hop and linguistics.a number of years passed by and i met up with an old friend called JACQUES LEGAREe(BUNKER STUDIOS) he introduced me into the new generation of electronica and studio maintenance and organisation thx to him im now producing tracks all the time and strarting to get recognized for my hard work du to a DJ BY THE NAME OF STEVE BROWN(LITECLUB) but im always working trying to match the music tastes of today with a little spice of tonuhalan.PLEASE GO AND LISTEN TO MY MUSIC IT WONT HURT ITS FREE FOR NOWSean Ranndy Mcmahon in producing a positive aspect on ourselves and society we can turn those boudaries and surround ourselves with the love a positive attraction that binds us togetheran energy that is so precise that we can and allways will and never doubt t...hose hidden desires that can fix and will just do not but have and yes but do not no and cant allways i am and not will and attract like a magnet the things that we desire in helping society build itselv back into whatr the world in whole is supposed to give us and not what we cant and wont but heal and eliminate all hatred and malicious and bad and allways good and kind and helpful and giving and love and respect and want and yes those are the words from me sean ranndy mcmahon aka dragonlight tonuhalan
and the whole world live in harmany and joy and not hate and destruction but give and do not take and fill that whole that is our world with all joy and happinness and pass on the message to the helpers and not takers but makers and builders and transform our soul into the galaxy and pass but do not cross the message that has been torn and used in mayem in alll industries and to give back to the soil and not take but use to build an amazing life world planet galaxy infinite wisdon and magical manefestations to rebuild the and to join in alliance with our supreme master creator energizing magnetic force that binds us together the holyest of holys the gene of the lamp thank pass on the message peace and harmany to the worldzuger mike mckara joey vasquez for admiring my music and a track the motion and every body else that listens and admires my many genres of music thx and positivity all the way including a new comer to the dragonlight family his mind is galactic 2 combined we are SteanVault introducing a new genre of music for the globalised mass enjoy the combined effert SEAN RANNDY MCMAHON, STEVE ARENSAULT PASKAL LAFLAMME ANGELS OF LIGHT