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David P. Reinen

David P. Reinen
Aloha, Oregon, United States
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Fusion, Latin, Blues
David P. Reinen
Santana, Chicago, Buzzy Feiten, Beatles, Hank Garland, Jobim, CTI Jazz
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I started playing guitar in 1964 right after I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show - my brother Willie taught me the Bobby Hebb tune, 'Sunny' for my first song - I played professionally as a drummer and guitarist full time; played lead guitar with Miss Brenda Lee out of Nashville in the '70's - I've written and composed music for years - here's a taste - Please, if I hear material that I feel is more destructive than constructive (disrespectful towards women, children, men, families, countries, beliefs, vulgarity, etc.) - I will not lend my support - this is not a judgment of your talent - simply my choice. Thank you