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St.J. Prophesy Project

St.J. Prophesy Project
Taif, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
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Rock, Progressive, Fusion
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Alternate Minds
Frans JC Martins (St.J.), Rici Martins, Damian Meyer, Bruce Klein
Floyd, Satriani, Vai, Santana


St.J. - Prophesy is the banner under which Frans JC Martins (St.J.) is pursuing his solo career. The music is a mixture of Progressive Rock, Blues and Jazz/ Rock fusion.

His solo album entitled Beginnings was released on the 18th of April 2009 at Tanz Cafe in Johannesburg, South Africa. The album was recorded, mastered and produced at St.J.'s studio Alternate Minds Studios with St.J performing lead, rhythm and bass guitars and Rici Martins the drums and keyboards. Rici was also co-writer and co producer on the tracks.

The live band has gone through a few changes over the past year or so. One of the challenges was to find a very capable second guitarist. Having searched and found, I am delighted to welcome on board Bruce Klein, (CHB), capable and rocking, whom so generously offered his services!

Virtuoso guitarist Frans JC Martins, affectionately known as St.J. by friend and foe, started playing music early in his childhood. He diversified on instruments playing piano, drums, guitar and clarinet. Guitar having always been the favourite instrument, it was only natural that this became his main instrument. Self taught and frustrated with his playing he ended up with Jimmy Gillmer and spent around two years studying jazz and a further 6 years of classical training with Jimmy during the late 80s/ early 90s.

Transferring the skills he acquired from Jimmy he taught classic and electric guitar and is extremely proud that one of his friends and dedicated pupil, Renier Rabie found international fame. An accomplished guitarist, Renier under the stage name Triserial is the current bassist for Abgott (endorsed by Cort/ Jackson).

The 80s 90s was also the period during which he was seen on stage with Top40/ Cover bands like Panama (SA), China White, Rapscallion and an 11 year stint with Shaft. After spending so much time playing the club circuit and covers he decided to take a chance at the original music market and around 2001/2 got involved with Simplicity, which after a split up became Glaze (a hard rock original band). During the same period he met Chris Manik Moon and Clifford DarkLord Swindells and with them completed the line-up of Atmosphere Control Unit (ACU), an electronic based trio in the Cyber Punk genre.

Just when things started to look good for both bands Glaze broke up and Clifford was tragically lost due to leukaemia. Devastated, St.J then took a sabbatical of a couple of months after which he got involved in some projects which never really quite got off the ground.

One dream of his has always been to do an instrumental project, solely his own. During March 2008 St.J. started a non-music working career in Saudi Arabia with ample time to compose and record music. This, together with the recording studio, Alternate Minds Studios, which was built in 2002 by St.J. and his son Rici Martins (a talented drummer and pianist) provided the means to finally record St.Js first solo album during 2008/ 2009. The album is a mixture of Progressive Rock, Blues and Jazz/ Rock fusion with St.J. performing all the rhythm, lead and bass guitar parts and Rici, whom amongst others have played for Enism, The Awakening, Subrosa and Christian Heath, the synthesizers and drums.

The album entitled Beginnings was released on 18 April 2009 and has had rave reviews and airplay both in South Africa and abroad. Alternate Minds Studios, having been extended to Saudi Arabia is the home where the second album is already being composed and recorded.