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Data Being

Data Being
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
Postal code:
B93 9LT
Alternative, Indie, Pop
Ian Luckett


I studied music at the Royal Academy in the early 80's, and performed in several bands and orchestras. During the late 80's I essentially gave up on music following a different career path as a programmer / developer working for the BBC, UCAS, and Pinewood Studios amongst others.

Following a serious illness in 2013 I rediscovered my love of music, and have been writing and recording ever since (I now have over 160 pieces written and recorded since that time). Unfortunately I am not able to perform live any longer due to the ongoing condition that forced me onto the scrap heap of work!

I write about things I see in the world around me, with an emphasis on honesty and on spiritual development.

It has become something of an obsession for me to record using the most basic and cheep equipment I can. I never use external microphones (my old Electrovoice live mic is really not up to the job anyway), instead I sing directly into the mics on an old MacBook Pro, and use only GarageBand as a recording program, because it comes free with the Mac system. My bass is one I built from old discarded pieces when I was a teenager (it has a fairly good neck, which I ripped the frets out of, but the rest of it is very steam-punk!), I have three guitars, a Squier Telecaster I bought back in the 1980's, a Starcaster Strat I found on e-bay for £20, and a very old Fender 12 string acoustic that I discovered in a junk shop and nursed back to health!. All the keyboards are from GarageBAnds soundbank (heavily modified or created from scratch using their sound generators - I would actually recommend this method to anyone, cheep cheerful and sounds great.

Oh, and yes the image is me! Taken last year whilst in hospital, not bad for a 50 year old wreck (according to my wife and kids anyway!)